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River Rescue
Sun Jul 4 - Sat Jul 10, 2021
(7 days)
Ages 14 - 16

To be a rescuer takes more then perfecting a specialized skillset: it is a mindset and a way of being, being of service to others, being observant and present in the moment, being at the right place at the right time, taking calculated risks and making well-thought-out split-second decisions, decisions that could save lives. Our first-ever week-long river rescue course offered to students will begin with developing a thorough understanding of the power of moving water, it’s currents, eddies, obstructions, constrictions and other obstacles hidden from sight of an untrained eye. We will focus on swimming in turbulent current and moving safely up and down the rapids in order to reach the person and equipment in need of help. Next we will focus on recovering swimmers and boats. Special focus will be placed on broached boat recovery and studying haul systems and associated knots and rope techniques. Finally, we will cover foot entrapment and hydraulic recovery. On the last day of the course students will take part in complex simulated rescue requiring all of their new-learned skills, teamwork and leadership.

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Rock, Rope, Rescue
Sun Aug 1 - Sat Aug 14, 2021
(14 days)
Ages 16 - 18

New this summer, join us for a multi-element challenge of teamwork and trust as we immerse ourselves the world of technical climbing – and learn what to do when things go wrong. We start our week at Kroka Village where we will travel to the local crag to learn about knots and anchors and practice climbing and rappelling. We will study wilderness first aid and CPR while preparing for the expedition ahead. With a solid foundation of technical skills, we will set out by foot into the mountains, traveling for several days to a rock face perfect for practice. Here we will set a wilderness a camp at the foot of a cliff and cook delicious meals over the fire. We will fill our days discovering high-angle rescue techniques: pickoffs and haul systems, assists and belays. In the afternoons we will travel to a nearby waterfall to swim and relax in the joys of summer. Students will gain a strong technical foundation for a future of climbing or guiding, and a Wilderness First Aid certification.

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