Wilderness Adventures for Homeschoolers
Wed Sep 7 - Wed Dec 14, 2022
(99 days)
Ages 10 - 14
Homeschooling students ages 10 – 15 are invited to join us for a weekly wilderness adventure program based at Kroka's campus in Marlow, New Hampshire. The group will meet each Wednesday for a full day outdoors with activities in the wilderness and on the farm. Participants will develop skills for cooperative living in nature, competence in practical adventure sports, and appreciation for the natural history and ecology of New England

Program days will alternate between day-long outings in the local area and skill-building days on the Kroka farm and campus. Each day follows the same rhythm:

8:30-9:30 AM: Drop-off and morning farm chores
9:30 AM: Morning meeting
10:00 AM: Departure for daily activity
12:00 PM: Lunch break
3:00 PM: Return to campus and clean-up
3:30 PM: Pickup and departure

On-campus activities will include firemaking, shelterbuilding, hiking, farming, traditional crafts and handwork, and service projects. Adventure activities include rock climbing, rappelling, canoeing, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, and map and compass navigation. Each semester culminates in a 3-day student-designed overnight expedition challenge to practice teamwork and skills learned. 

Instructors: Lindsay Moon, Hope Macke, Evan Walsh, Jake Ganley, Alex Stroshine and guests

Group size is limited to 12 students, however if there is enough interest we may break into two sessions of different ages. 
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Natural Dyeing and Ecoprinting
Sun Oct 9, 2022
Join us for an adventure in natural color, texture, and design with Kroka's own fiber specialist, Sasha Duverlie. During this daylong workshop we will discover the wonders of bringing colors to life from the plants and minerals that surround us. Working in small groups participants will harvest, process, and distill pigments from native plants and learn to imbue these colors on fabric and yarn. You will leave with your very own eco-printed design, a new community of friends, and inspiration for a rich life of crafting and  enjoying the bounties of nature. You are invited to bring your own dye stuffs to share and your own small garments or pieces of natural fabric (cotton, linen, wool are best) to dye. 
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Black Ash Packbaskets from Start to Finish
Sat Oct 22 - Sun Oct 23, 2022
(2 days)
Ages 14 - 99
Join artisan basket weaver and alumni parent Penny Hewitt of Lazy Mill Hill Farm for a weekend of traditional Brown Ash Basketry. Penny's work uses basketry to foster connections between people, the earth, and our ancestors. The weave of the Packbasket has been a tradition of native cultures of North America for centuries, yet today this craft is disappearing along with the native trees that provide the materials. From the ecology of the Brown Ash (Fraxinus nigra) to pounding the strips that become the weave, participants will build a basket from start to finish and end the weekend with a beautiful pack-basket (approximately 18" tall) with cedar runners and base and adjustable webbing harness, made to last and to be used: ready to fill with wild herbs and fruits, school supplies, or the gear for your next canoe trip! 

Workshop takes places Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Registration includes materials, expert instruction, and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Rustic lodging and breakfast/dinner options are available for an additional fee.
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Birch Bark Ornaments
Sat Nov 12, 2022
Ages 12 - 99

Join master craftswoman Penny Hewitt of Lazy Mill Hill Farm for a day of creating objects of beuty from natural birch bark! Utilizing techniques common to the Scandinavian and Russian style of basketry, you will craft birds and stars using strips of inner bark from the paper birch tree.  You will also learn how these materials are harvested and prepared. Each participant will leave with 3 ornaments. Enjoy the simple pleasure of creating a decoration or gift from local, responsibly harvested materials in the company of good conversation and eager learners. 

9 AM - 3 PM. Fee includes materials, instruction, coffee and tea and a light lunch. 

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Fire and Ice
Mon Feb 20 - Fri Feb 24, 2023
(5 days)
Ages 13 yrs and older

Join us for a week of winter exploration, as we travel by ski and snowshoe to our beautiful winter camp. There we find a canvas tent with a crackling woodstove and a balsam fir floor. Each day, we will cut and split firewood to warm our tent and cook our meals, and chisel a hole in the ice to collect water. Adventures by day will include snow shelter making, exploring the woods by snowshoe, and skiing over the beaver flowages. We will bake biscuits over the fire, drink hot chocolate to warm our toes, carve our own spoons, and investigate tracks and trails as animals go about their lives amidst the snow. At night, the stars and the moon will illuminate the scene of a winter paradise with ice crackling in the cold and snow blanketing the trees. There will be stories, songs and great conversations in our candlelit canvas wall tent.

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