Liz Jordan
Putney, VT
Director of Education
Liz grew up exploring the woods and waters behind her house in the D.C. suburbs, rehabilitating injured animals, and donating all of her allowance to conservation groups. In college she dove into outdoor education and began leading trips and managing gear for VCU’s outdoor program. After college, Liz worked for the Student Conservation Association as an Americorps volunteer in the Adirondacks then as a trail crew leader. She led a variety of wilderness and service trips in California, Washington, Alaska and all around the East coast.Liz worked at North Country School for over a decade as a farm intern, science and English teacher, houseparent, coach, trip leader, mask maker, costumer, 9th grade team leader, secondary school placement coordinator, and reading specialist. She pursued graduate credits from Goddard College, earned her MA in Applied Educational Psychology as a Reading Specialist from Columbia University, and received her teaching certifications for English and as Reading Specialist. Liz has managed a high altitude farm and goat cheese cooperative in Telluride, Colorado, ridden her bike 1500 miles across the West, and was a field researcher for a loon conservation program in the ADKs (one of her all time favorite jobs). She lives in Westminster West, Vermont with her husband and two kids, is a student and teacher of yoga and meditation, and tends to her two very wily lady goats and her beloved 3-legged dog.
Emily Barr
Marlow, NH
Wilderness Leader
Nobody really knows for sure where Emily comes from. Some say she was raised by a pack of river otters somewhere in those foggy, sasquatch-ridden jungles between the Columbia and the Fraser. I’d believe it too. Emily is an avid whitewater kayaker (in both North and South America), a skilled carpenter. Her eclectic resume includes raft guiding, substitute teaching, cat-breeding, floral artistry, and building giant castles made of ice.
Emily Sherwood
Marlow, NH
Director of Expeditions
Emily came to Kroka at the age of 11, then completed Kroka's first semester program in 2004, and has been a devoted Kroka-ite ever since. In between Kroka programs and her own far flung adventures she has taught high school, where she firmly believes in learning beyond the classroom walls. These days, she lives down the road from Kroka on a small farm with her two young children and husband Jacob.
Ezra Fradkin
Marlow, NH
Managing Director
A New England native, Ezra grew up in an intentional community in Amherst, Massachusetts. Highlights from his childhood include a semester abroad in the Basque country in northern Spain, making maple syrup, and building forts in the woods. Ezra attended Kroka’s Ecuador Semester as a high-school student and went on to graduate from Sterling College in Craftsbury Common, VT where his studies focused on sustainable food systems. Before returning to Kroka as a member of the year-round team in 2016 Ezra spent time in Ecuador, Israel, Mexico, and Lopez Island in Washington’s Salish Sea. When not working in the office, you can find Ezra exploring the underground world and performing in a local theater group. Ezra recently completed an MA in Regenerative Economics at Schumacher College (UK).
Hugh Landis
Jaffrey, NH
Campus Carpenter
Our chief carpenter, Hugh is a venerable master of precision and a man of few words.
Jennifer Case
Peterborough, NH
Food Manager
A local to Peterborough, New Hampshire, Jennifer hails originally from the fair, flaxen-colored fields of Indiana. Jennifer comes to us from the community of the Plowshare Farm not far from our own NH route 123, and we are both proud and blessed to have her as such a valued part of our community as well.
Jessie Morin
Keene, NH
Program Coordinator
Jessie has lived in the Monadnock region with her five children since 2017. A native to Southern OH, Jessie spent her undergraduate years in Flagstaff AZ studying theatre arts before moving to Austin Texas to raise her children. She is a trained Waldorf educator and a former class teacher. Her bliss moments in life include romping in the woods with her children and dogs, enjoying the company of friends and loved ones, and being with children of all ages.
Linda Fuerderer
Marlow, NH
Facilities Director
Linda Fuerderer always steps up to do many tasks above and beyond her job description around the Kroka campus. Until it’s sale in 2007, she worked alongside her family in the family business, Jack’s True Value Hardware in Keene, New Hampshire. While working there, she received a Bachelor’s Degree at Keene State College, where she deepened her passion for archaeology. Linda has participated on many digs and regularly volunteers with the New Hampshire Archaeological Society. She is a resident of Marlow, NH and sits on the conservation commission as well as ARLAC (Ashuelot River Local Advisory Commission).
Lindsay Moon
Space, VT
Wilderness Leader
Lindsay is a master of silversmithing and leather-working (as well as an enthusiastic disciple of wool garments) with deep roots in the southern New Hampshire-Vermont region. Before coming to Kroka, Lindsay worked as a jewelry-making teacher in Pennsylvania, and as a therapeutic guide in Vermont. Lindsay loves making things with her hands, rock climbing, and helping others grow into their fullest selves through introspection, challenge, and exposure to try new things.
Mary DiFilippo
Marlow, NH
Business Manager
With a love for nature and the outdoors, I have enjoyed living in several states in the US. Most notably, living Alaska for 7 years. I have been able to see the wonders of the Northern Lights to having moose in my yard. Along with my love of animals is my love for children and seeing them learn and explore new things that will broaden their view.
Nathan Lyczak
Marlow, NH
Executive Director
Nathan has enjoyed a variety of roles at Kroka during the past 14 years, including Summer Director, Capital Campaign Coordinator, Cartographer, and Managing Director. Prior to coming to Kroka, he had served as a communications officer in the US Navy, taught English for a year in Nicaragua, and worked as a 4th grade classroom teacher in rural New Hampshire. He is the proud parent of two Kroka semester program alumni, and partner of long-time expedition leader and educator Hanah LaBarre. He is thrilled to be returning to full time work at Kroka at this unique moment of transition in the organization.
Rebecca Walton
Lake Forest Park, WA
WSP Coordinator
From Mount Rainier's frosty summit to the temperate rainforests of Cascadia, mountaineers and lumberjacks alike share legends of this stalwart adventurer. Before coming to Kroka, Rebecca has worked with middle-to-high-school age students both on backpacking and kayaking expeditions as well as in the classroom, teaching math and science. Always curious, and always active, both Rebecca’s cognition and physical endurance seem to know no bounds.
Tricia Bennett
Outreach Coordinator
While studying at UNH, Tricia went on a NOLS semester in Patagonia that changed her life. She was not only exposed to the harsh elements on extended sea-kayaking and mountaineering expeditions, but the magic that comes from living in nature with community. Driven to be a part of and create these transformative experiences for others, Tricia went on to guide groups of students with Windsor Mountain, Global Routes, True North and NOLS before finding her perfect fit with Kroka Expeditions. Tricia joined the Kroka team in 2018 and has worked as the school program coordinator, interim food manager and has coordinated and led the Fall Semester Program since 2020. Favorite Things About Kroka: The thought, care, love, intention that goes into EVERYTHING at Kroka. The community of supportive, creative, passionate staff. Raw milk & yogurt, pressing cider, skiing on winter lunch breaks, exploring wild places together. The students and children that fill this place with JOY! Personal Passions: Wildflowers, swimming in alpine lakes, laughter with co-leaders 100 days into semester, learning about plant spirits, all the magical seasons of New England, learning new crafts, mountain biking, a cup of tea by the fire, making a beautiful meal with loved ones
Alex Stroshine
Marlow, NH
Semester Basecamp Instructor and Bookkeeper
Alex (also known by some as “Coach Stro”) is a veritable renaissance-man of the Kroka community. When he is not keeping the books, Alex can be found leading whitewater expeditions, or coaching the local youth baseball team. Born and raised in Keene, New Hampshire, Alex has shredded the whitewater knar from New England to Ecuador – and has the Spanish fluency to prove it. Alex lives year-round in a woodstove cabin in the Kroka village.
Anna Bellows
Cambridge, MA
Leader Level 2 - 2 Year
The sound of harbor buoys and the smell of Atlantic cod from the Boston Fish Wharf are carried up the Mystic River to Anna’s childhood home. A semester alumni and an experienced whitewater paddler, Anna now studies law and political science in Philadelphia: the Cradle of Liberty. Anna loathes no vegetable, but is wont to feign disdain for pickles when she is pressed to express superficial individuality.
Cate Oswald
Tappan, NY
Leader Level 2 - 2nd Year
A fall semester alumni and longtime Kroka student, Cate loves living in the Kroka community – where hand-darned wool, wholesome local ingredients, and a richness of cross-cultural backgrounds mix and mend together. Cate is a student and farmhand at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains.
Chris Knapp
Temple, ME
Lead Teacher Cedar to Sea
Chris Knapp has been with Kroka since 1999. He spent many years as a student of Ray Reitze, and as a teacher at Earthways School of Wilderness Living. He has a wealth of wilderness knowledge and experience to share. Chris and his wife Ashirah have been an integral part of Kroka’s development, designing and creating curriculum, as well as teaching the Winter Semester Program on and off since 2004. Chris and Ashirah live with their children at Maine Local Living School. Based on their homestead in Temple Maine, the school teaches a blend of folk arts, wilderness crafts, permaculture, and sustainable technologies.
Colton Francis
Wilderness Leader and Land Steward
Coming to us from Burlington, Vermont, Colton brings to Kroka a love for living in community and a contagious joy for the wild world. When he is not fighting oil pipelines in British Columbia, teaching at Crow’s Path, or running ultra marathons, Colton can be found leading Kroka students on laughter-filled forest romps.
Dave Durant
Marlow, NH
Wilderness Leader & Course Director
David Silva Alvarez
Leader Level 4 - 5th Year
David Silva Alvarez, a father a rambling rock climber and a builder, originates from Columbia, but has lived and raised his beautiful daughter, Violeta, in Ecuador for the last decade. At the age of twelve, he earned enough money selling hot dogs on the street to buy his first pair of climbing shoes. He has gone on to become a professional mountaineering guide as a member of the IFMGA International Federation of Mountain guides Association. In Ecuador, he works as a high-altitude mountaineering guide for Nahual Expediciones. Around Kroka, Davicho can be found collecting poison ivy, while exploring new heights and terrain.
Ellie Fuller
Alstead, NH
Wilderness Leader - 2nd year
From the lush countryside of Kent, England, Ellie empowers students to build a relationship with wildness; whether through learning the bushcraft of a bow-drill fire, or the reverence of a granite crag hundreds of millions of years old. Ellie is an expert trad climber and an instrumental founder of the Women's Trad Festival.
Brother Elijah Greiner
Chicago, IL
Full Circle Winter Semester assistant teacher
Proudly born and raised in Chicago’s South Loop, “Brother Elijah” is a greenhorn druid and a full-time swashbuckler. From the Sargasso Sea, to the Natchez Trace, to Hudson Bay, Elijah loves to peacefully retrace the historic routes of pre-industrial marauders. Elijah is also enamored with the preternatural and fey forces that dance in the wilderness, and loves sharing this wonder with Kroka students.
Emma Smith
Plaistow, NH
Leader Level 2 - 2nd Year
Though born and raised in the Granite State, Emma resonates more with a “Live Free and Let Live” ethos. An experienced climbing instructor, and an alumni of two Kroka semesters, Emma studies outdoor leadership and psychology at Warren Wilson College – in the heart of North Carolina’s fabled yon blue mountains.
Geova Guatemal
San Clemente,
Wilderness Leader & Facilities Assistant
Geova hails from the Indigenous community of San Clemente, Ecuador, nestled between the salt spray of the Pacific and the austere highlands of the snow-capped Andes. Following the migration path of his younger brother Roberto, Geova first came to Kroka in 2022. An avid mountain-biker, Geova also plays the guitar and piano.
Gia Bialoglowka
Gia absolutely loves the wilderness. Her home is amongst the trees and she is always eager to learn more about the natural world. A Kroka alumni, Gia loves the spirit of awakening that is salient in expeditions and on the Kroka campus.
Grant Hawkes
Gorham, ME
Guest Leader - Wilderness Skills
Grant has been both a Semester Student and Apprentice, and returns now to lead programs in his own right. He grew up in Southern Maine with his four siblings building forts and crafting in his backyard. As a young homeschooler he began studying with Chris and Ashirah Knapp at Koviashuvik Local Living School, where he apprenticed and worked, furthering his wilderness and crafting skills.He enjoyed three years of summer trips at Kroka as a camper before becoming an apprentice and completing the Winter Semester. He has a strong belief that everything he uses should be beautiful as well as functional and strives to apply this philosophy to all of his pursuits. Grant enjoys canoeing down quiet rivers, carving wood, tanning hides, blacksmithing, and singing songs. He can often be found wandering the wild woods, a handmade knife on his belt and an axe in hand, throwing a song to the wind. A masterful craftsman, he infuses every project with a reverence and wonder which are felt by all around him.
Hanah LaBarre
Keene, NH
Leader Level 4
HANAH was born in a country below sea level, toddled on the flanks of the Himalayas, crawled through English and New English thickets and, after a detour in the jungles of New Jersey, set out running on The Great Plains. She gained full height and began growing her roots in the fertile Finger-Lakes region of New York State, sailing the mighty Hudson River and rambling deep shale ravines. In preparation for Kroka Expeditions, she guided wilderness trips with Longacre Expeditions, The Chewonki Foundation and The Shackleton School. After earning her M.Ed. at Lesley University, she embarked on a teaching voyage of several decades in local public schools …but she won’t be kept indoors! These days, Hanah relishes life on the rivers and mountain trails and in the Kroka community with her partner Nathan.
Hope Macke
Marlow, NH
A year-round denizen of the Kroka village, Hope is a seasoned Kroka teacher and an expert skier. Whether in the mountains or on the river, you can find Hope leading expeditions, cooking delicious food, knitting, and reading high fantasy (occasionally all at the same time). She helped register and coordinate Kroka's Summer 2024 programs.
Jack Faustinoni
São Bernardo do Campo, SP
Wilderness Leader
Jackie is passionate about rocks and loves reading them as a geologist, rock climber and mountain biker. They started working with Outdoor Education in Brazil in 2017, when they first learned about Experiential Learning. The quest for more meaningful ways of being and career path brought Jackie to Kroka Expeditions. Since then, Jackie has been working at Kroka as Program Leader and Semester Teacher.
Joseph Brown
Cleveland, TN
Wilderness Leader
You might hear Joseph before you see him by the sound of banjo music which he is often playing. He is coming from Tennessee with a huge passion for education and a love of playing outside. His favorite thing to do outside is to share it with others and over the past 7 years he has worked as an environmental educator, expedition leader, and camp counselor in TN, NC, and AL. Studied environmental arts and humanities at Sewanee, especially stoked on trees birds and woodcrafts
Luke Webb
Greenfield, MA
Wilderness Leader
Luke ”the Drifter” is the rootin’est tootin’est cowboy this side of the mighty Mississip’. Between reindeer-wrestling in Norway, bull-riding in the Lone Star State, and sword-fighting in Poland, there is no adventure too daring for this rawhide wayfarer. You can catch Luke sharing jokes around the campfire, and recounting colorful tales from his many whitewater, caving, and snowboarding adventures.
Marcela Restrepo
Senior Leader
Marcela, also based in Palugo Farm is Colombian born but based in Ecuador for more than 25 years. She has been working with Kroka for eight years as a lead teacher both for the Ecuador Semester, as well as school and summer programs. Before this, she was based in New Zealand, where she worked with a small, experimental theatre company. She has been part of several projects in ecological reserves and communities in Ecuador involved in restoration and alternative agriculture. She has a diploma in Waldorf education from Taruna college in New Zealand. She is currently immersed in many farm projects, runs an artisanal cheese and yogurt industry as well goes on wonderful expeditions with Michael and Koru.
Meg Lyczak
Bristol, VT
Wilderness Leader
Margarita Cardoso
Leader Level 4 - 3rd Year
Marga comes to us all the way from Cuenca, Ecuador to share with us her amazing talents on the cliff face and in the kitchen. She is one of the top climbers in South America, and is always looking to share her knowledge.
Michael Dammer
Senior Leader
Michael is one of the founders of the NH-Ecuador Semester and has been involved as teacher, coordinator, climbing specialist and support staff for all Ecuador semesters. Born and based in Palugo Farm, he has been a key part of Kroka for many years. In both places he has been a driving force for the development of education systems. He has been involved in agricultural initiatives and sustainable and traditional building projects. He is a professional mountaineer and rock climber. He lives with his partner, Marcela and son Koru in their handmade home in Palugo farm.
Minu Toos
Wilderness Educator
From their original roots in Brooklyn NY, Minu roamed the streets of New York City until a fresh breeze swept them up to the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor Maine, where they began a career in outdoor education by leading college classmates on long canoe expeditions and winter camping excursions throughout the Maine wilderness. Minu was drawn to Kroka’s practice of traditional simple rugged expedition life, and we were so pleased to welcome them into the Kroka teaching community for the 2024 season!
Nick Paul
Marlow, NH
Guest Leader
Nick lives the old-time traditional bushcraft lifestyle that beard-oiled, flanneled hipsters on the internet merely play at. From woodworking to leatherworking to basketry, Nick is a wellspring of knowledge, expertise, and excitement for all things concerning simple New England living. Nick studied outdoor leadership at University of New Hampshire and is a seasoned Kroka teacher.
Patricia Ribeiro
Taubaté, SP
Wilderness Leader
Patricia, better known as “Pati”, brings the warmth and spirit of her coastal Brazilian homeland to the mountains of New Hampshire. Before coming to Kroka, Pati studied sustainability in the British Isles, oceanography in Brazil, and guided ocean excursions. Whether steering a voyageur canoe on the Maine coast, or snorkeling at her native beaches of Sao Paulo, Pati loves to share her admiration and fascination with the sea.
Rimai Kalvaitis
Dublin, NH
Paddling instructor
Rimas "Rimai" Kalvaitis, was born in 1966 as an identical twin into a Lithuanian family in Santa Monica, California. At age five he moved to Ireland, to learn English, and then at seven to Belgium to learn French. Since returning to the United States in 1976, he has spent his time growing up in New Hampshire, and graduated from New England College with a triple major of psychology, biology and education.  An avid traveler, he has toured the countries climbing areas, always on the lookout for more of a wilderness flavor in life.  He discovered the Hawaiian islands and returned to live there every winter for almost a decade, whereupon he met his wife, Traceymay and since has been busy raising his four children.  Rimai has worked in numerous outdoor education programs including Outward Bound, and recently has developed a love for white water paddling.
Roberto Pupiales
San Clemente,
Leader Level 3
Roberto’s seasonal migration habits resemble that of Piranga olivacea – the scarlet tanager – dividing his time between the Kroka village and his home in the Indigenous community of San Clemente, Ecuador. Roberto has been making the summer journey to Kroka since 2009, first as a semester student and now leading mountain biking and hiking expeditions.
Sam Cohen
Marlow, NH
Wilderness Leader
Originally from Colorado’s Front Range, Sam crewed aboard rolling decks and hemp-n-timber rigging of the bounding schooner Shenandoah, as well as guiding wilderness therapy programs in the San Juan Mountains, before dropping anchor here at Kroka. In addition to teaching traditional crafts and leading forest explorations on Kroka expeditions, Sam is a savant when it comes to making homemade sauerkraut.
Ulises Fierro
Mexico City, Mexico City
Wilderness Leader
Vivek Mehta
wilderness leader
Vivek comes to us from the indomitable summits of the Hymalayas, in Uttarakhand, India – where the heavens themselves snag on the venerated peak of Nada Devi. A connoisseur of vintage trucks, Vivek came to America for the automobiles, and stayed for the coffee culture. On expedition, Kroka students scaling the granite cliffs of New England will find nowhere else a more encouraging teacher.
Zefram Fransen
Goshen, IN
Leader Level 2
Not unlike Lightning McQueen, Zef found himself chasing fame and glory in the fast-lane to the Disc Golf World Championships. From the Crossroads of America, Zef stopped to ponder, and took the road less traveled instead. A Kroka semester alumni and proud Hoosier, Zef now lives a humble life of farmwork, craft-making, hiking, whitewater paddling, downhill skiing, and rock climbing here at Kroka.
Zoe Daigh-Flagollet
Warwick, MA
Lead Teacher
Zoe grew up in the woods of Guilford, VT, and first came to Kroka as a summer student at the age of 13. She is a graduate of the 2017 Winter Semester and joined the staff community in 2018. Zoe has worked at Kroka in many different capacities including summer and Winter Semester staff, and is excited to continue her work with Community School. Zoe has spent two years living and studying linguistics in France and enjoys traveling alone. Her favorite thing to do is contra dance with friends, and loves feeling the magic of the music as she spins across the dance floor.